Stephanie Renee Payne came to this work to facilitate her own healing. Stephanie holds a MFA in creative writing, and has taught writing at several institutions, including The New School University in New York City, Temple University in Philadelphia, and she is current faculty in the Writing Program at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Stephanie has written for several print and online publications about identity and race, domestic violence, among other topics, and has published several short pieces of fiction. She is the author of ESP: Extreme Self-Pampering for the Soul, part work-book, part inspirational guide that Kirkus Review calls an "Inspiring workbook on fostering a more authentic, joyful life." She is at work penning a memoir that chronicles her journey to wholeness.

For Stephanie, it was the writing process that began to unearth deeply-buried pain from her childhood, as she began work on her memoir. This discovery, along with a personal spiritual experience, prompted a five-year study of spiritual and alternative healing practices that took Stephanie all over the world, and eventually into the healing arts as a certified life coach and clinical hypnotherapist in training (certificate anticipated in 2018).

Stephanie's unique approach combines one on one coaching with an online writing platform to guide her clients to discover their unique path toward a more purposeful, prosperous, and peaceful life. The addition of hypnotherapy is an exciting and powerful tool within Stephanie's practice, as she helped her sister, who died of breast cancer in January of 2017, through visualization, and imagery exercises to assist with minimizing pain, anxiety and insomnia. 




In Stephanie's TEDx Talk, she challenges ill-conceived gender rolls and cultural strictures in a patriarchal society, and invites healing for both men and women.