Hypnotic Approaches for Anxiety and Stress


Complementary Care for Anxiety and Depression

Life doesn’t have to hurt. The resources of the unconscious mind can powerfully elicit positive behavioral changes for those experiencing anxiety, stress, and mild depression. Tapping the unconscious mind can offer deep insights and long-held emotional releases without extensive prolonged examinations of the past. Hypnosis can restructure internal behavioral patterns. Life can be joyous.

Our positive coaching practice is solution oriented and based on many of the principles of positive psychology. Coupled with the journey into the unconscious through hypnosis, you can learn to nurture what is truly important to you. Discover your unique path forward, and learn how to honor that path within relationships and by making empowered, positive life choices.

Consider our workbook to begin the journey toward knowing your authentic self independent of cultural, familial, and fear-based strictures. You really can find a path toward peace, purpose, and prosperity. It's already inside of you. 



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