Radical Self-Love


Radical Self-Love is Your Unique Path Toward Wholeness! 

The Practice

In Western culture, it is common for individuals to cultivate an understanding of acceptable behaviors of society, such as church, family, work, and our civic and social duties to our communities. The search within typically does not occur unless we are faced with change, trauma, or a crisis. Our practices facilitate the journey inward to begin to cultivate deep and abiding self-love. This one step is the most effective way to remove barriers that keep us stuck within unproductive behaviors. Taking time to get to know and accept the self are the first two foundational blocks in moving toward your goals in life. We have structured a four-step process:

1. Acknowledging the Self

2. Accepting the Self

3. Surrendering Judgment of the Self

4. Engaging Authentically in Life (finding your unique path)

Consider our workbook to begin the journey toward knowing your authentic self independent of cultural, familial, and fear-based strictures.You really can find a path toward peace, purpose, and prosperity. It's already inside of you.