Visioning Meditation


Your imagination and ability to hold a vision within your emotional body will build a bridge toward your desired actions.


While visualizing is a positive practice, visioning requires a deeper connection, as it calls forth the wisdom of the our bodies. When we meld our desire for more positive behaviors with our emotional bodies, we shift with more ease.

When we were children, we felt our aspirations somatically. We may have allowed for a tingle of excitement to pass through our bodies at the prospect of learning how to ride a bicycle or hitting the winning ball in a baseball game. As we grow older and more cautious in life, we suppress this valuable somatic energy.


To allow the neural somatic connection to once again become alive in you, engage in the following exercise:

Find a quiet space.

Close your eyes.

Set a timer for at least five minutes (you may want to build to 10-15 minutes).

Ask what is most needed to move forward in your life.For example, you may crave freedom from guilt.

When you have an answer, ask your body what it feels like to experience this desire. Whatever comes into your consciousness, let it be.  You may feel light in weight, as if you are floating, or your body may feel warm and comforted. 


Do this exercise as often as needed to shift into desired behaviors. Allow for your body to absorb and participate in the visioning process by being aware of the sensations within the body. The body holds wisdom to move through lower energies that keep us feeling heavy and stuck, such as  guilt, or shame, or trauma, or whatever needs to be purged to return to a state of wholeness.

Follow up with a epson salt bath to cleanse the body unwanted energy. Use one cup of Epson salt, one fresh squeezed citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange—your choice). Light a candle to affirm your intention to move forward and soak for one hour. You will feel the renewing properties in this exercise immediately.