"Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never get."
~ Robert Brault



Forgiving with the Heart

Many of us forgive from the mind. We "tell" ourselves all the ways it is bad to hold these feelings, yet we run the loop of our hurts over and over again and in the process convince ourselves how difficult it is to release these images. When we forgive with our hearts, we use the intelligence of the heart to move the hurt into the our heart space, the seat of our soul. When we connect to this space, forgiveness is immediate, lasting and infused with love. We understand the gift of the hurtful person and circumstance, and our lives are enriched. 


Forgiveness Exercise


1. Close your eyes and think of a person or situation you have resented and want to forgive.

2. Imagine gently sending all of the resentful thoughts and emotions that come up in your head about the person or situation to your heart. As often as these thoughts or feelings pop up in your head, simply send them to your heart, which is the clearinghouse for your emotions.

3. Imagine sending heart energy, love, compassion and forgiveness to the person or situation.

You may have to practice this exercise a few times to bring the old "head" thoughts under heart management. With heart management, you are actually contacting a different level of intelligence known as heart intelligence. Heart intelligence has the power to quickly release old resentments and hurts, change your perceptions and bring you to an enlightened understanding of the situation.