The Process


Our Unique Process

I have learned from my clients that sometimes it can feel overwhelming to bring about change. EASE Online Coaching Journal© is the simply practice of keeping a daily online journal that only you and your coach share. The daily writing practice is a powerful tool to bring about discoveries through documenting dreams, impressions, and emotions, which assist in the coaching and hypnosis process to bring awareness to blocks and barriers, such as:

  • Negative self-talk
  • Feeling stuck in a situation or life circumstance
  • Emotional pain from loss
  • Feeling overwhelmed

With EASE you engage in our 24/7 online platform on your own time to discover your unique inner guidance, with assistance from your coach. We also highly recommend a hypnotherapy session to shift negative thought patterns toward positive life-affirming actions. The information through writing and hypnosis is self-guided and self-revelatory. These two practices can quickly bring about positive change in your life.