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Stephanie has a calming, gentle energy that's the perfect backdrop for hypnosis. It's easy to relax and trust the process with her. You'll leave each session renewed!

Lya, Wesley, Los Angeles, CA

I worked with Stephanie during a life transition. Her loving, intuitive nature put me back in touch with my emotional self. I have always operated more from a logical, very left-minded approach to my work and relationships. After life ease coaching with Stephanie, I reconnected with my feelings or emotionality that went along with early upsets in my life that were effecting my approach to my life transition. Her nurturing and insightful style put me at immediate ease with my emotional side, something I had never experienced in my life. I felt that I was being re-awakened during this process and felt more alive. I learned that I needed to care for my own emotional needs first so that I could then focus on the needs of others.

Maria K., School Psychologist, PA

When I began EASE Coaching, I was drowning. I was overwhelmed with a worsening physical condition that was costing all that was dear to me… Stephanie and EASE helped me develop and employ practices and thought processes that assisted in my not only returning to a state of functioning; but once again greeting each day with excitement and gratitude - even in the midst of uncertainty about my health. My heart is filled with immense gratitude for Stephanie and this introspective course that allowed me to take a journey from past to present, seeing all of my experiences as a gift and part of my beautiful and unique path. I now look to the future with a knowing that all is well and my story has just begun.

Tonya J., Atlanta, GA

This was my first time "soul seeking" but the experience was like no other. I had previously turned to my space of religion and counseling from psychiatrists, but wasn't able to get the assistance that I truly needed. EASE is unique because it offers a sense of independence and comfort.... by connecting to your needs that were unmet as a child. This is done with daily meditations and journaling. My life coach was supportive and set clear intentions, which also influenced me [to] seek inner peace at a deeper level.

Ashley P., entrepreneur and translation specialist, Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie is a kind, strong, compassionate, and very gentle woman. It's amazing to see her strength and softness working together to reach women who are hurting and afraid, and who in some cases have become a shell of themselves. Her gentleness allows such women to open up and feel loved, while her strength helps them walk a path to become more courageous. I thank God for bringing Stephanie into my life.

A Mom and Professional Working Woman, Bucks County, PA

Stephanie is a sincere, thoughtful and compassionate woman and I have the pleasure to call her my friend and confidente. She is a patient, inspiring teacher, a good listener and presents herself with beauty and grace.

annie edwards, designer/photo-stylist, Bucks County, PA

Stephanie has an uncanny ability to love, appreciate, and most importantly understand the human spirit. 

Oh Bency


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