Surrender Meditation

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7-Day Cleanse Day 7

“This very day start with your new life. Approach every experience with a new frame of mind, with a new state of consciousness. Assume the noblest and best for yourself in every respect and continue therein. Make believe! Great wonders are possible.”

— Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

Exercise 7

1.  Consider a time when you simply stood back and surrendered. What happened? How did you feel emotionally? Physically?

2.  Name your desired outcome, your wish that called you to this 7-Day Mind Cleanse process.

3.  Take a few minutes to write what the essence of that desire might be. For example, if you want to own a home, the core essence may be a desire to establish roots, feel secure, feel a sense of wholeness and love. Name what the core essence is within the desire.

4.  Take five minutes every day to find a quiet space to let your body experience what it feels like to be in that essence. Avoid seeing a picture with your mind. Your goal is to feel the feelings of having your desire. This is a stronger way to manifest, and will bring into your view visions that you may not have even considered.